PR Service: generating media interest

We often get asked if we can help our clients by generating media interest, so we thought we’d pull together a quick blog with some top tips.

One of the most important things about courting media interest in your business or organisation is to look at your story from their perspective rather than yours. What captures their imagination? What types of story have they run recently? This tailored process immediately questions the splatter gun approach that is all too often adopted by public relations professionals when issuing a news release. And you’ll find it leads to far greater levels of success in securing editorial coverage.

We always write a checklist and ask some key questions:

Is this really news or is it promotional puff?
Does the story fit with the geographic base of their audience?
When will the media outlet use it and therefore when do they need it by?
Is there a great picture to go with it?
Where does it fit within the newspaper or magazine?

At this point you will probably see that your story needs to take on a different shape depending on your target publication. So your next step is to prioritise where you most want to see it and then to pitch it to the specific news desk, features editor or niche correspondent.

In this way you can end up with some great coverage – be it a business piece in the Financial Times, a news item in a key local paper, a feature in a consumer magazine or a great radio interview.

And you’ve no need to ring a time-pressed journalist to ask them why they haven’t used your news release, which is another sign of outdated professional practice.

If you’d like our help in generating media interest in your story, please email Emma Dewhurst: