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PR Cumbria – Post-Brexit Land Prices

News Release: TWO picturesque Dent farmhouses, with land and single bank fishing rights, sold well at auction last week (Thursday 7 July).

Greenwood Haw Farm, Dent

The seven lots formed part of the estate of Dr Helga Frankland MBE, one of Cumbria’s foremost nature conservationists and a founder member of Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

Commenting on the sale Oliver Bateman from Carter Jonas in Kendal said:

“Nervousness about the Brexit result didn’t really filter through with the land sales. Most of it sold very well with decent competition, especially on the Greenwood Haw lots, and all to people with local land interests. Given the many reasons for buyers to be cautious it was good to see land make almost £8,500 an acre in Dent.

“It was a slightly different story with the Greenwood Haw farmhouse which didn’t sell at the auction. We were pleased however to agree a private deal shortly after. Buyers of both farmhouses were from outside the immediate area and the prices achieved were sensible in the current, somewhat flat, residential market”

The results were as follows:

Greenwood Haw Farm and land:
Lot 1 – Farmhouse, buildings, fishing rights and approx. 11.81 ac / 4.78 ha – sold privately after being withdrawn at auction for a figure in excess of £335k.
Lot 2 – Approx. 19.79 ac / 8.01 ha – sold for £165k (£8,337/ac).
Lot 3 – Approx. 3.13 ac / 1.27 ha – sold for £25k (£7,987/ac).
Lot 4 – Approx. 12.64 ac / 5.12 ha – sold for £95k (£7,515/ac)

Woodbridge House and land:
Lot 1 – House, barn, fishing rights and approx. 1.36 ac / 0.55 ha – sold for £325k.
Lot 2 – Fishing rights and approx. 6.50 ac / 2.63 ha (access across a river, via ford) – sold for £25k (£3,846/ac).
Lot 3 – Approx. 154.94 ac / 62.70 ha Inc. Woodbridge Allotment – withdrawn at £145k but sold privately after the sale.


The image shows – Greenwood Haw Farm where land made almost £8,500 an acre following the decision to Brexit.

Notes to editors:
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