How We Work

We start by exploring what you want to achieve and if we are the right people to help you get there. After establishing what professional support you need and agreeing our fee we get to work.

The services our clients most commonly ask for are: securing news or feature stories; copy writing for websites, brochures and newsletters; branding, websites and adverts; and social media training. We also produce and implement marketing, media relations, public relations and social media action plans.

Our Charges

Our day rate is £250 to £500 – depending on the project and whether or not you are looking to secure our services on a regular basis (a retainer).

Types of support packages

A monthly retainer – this works well if there is a regular amount of work to be done each month. We usually spread the agreed time over many days rather than allocating set days, this allows maximum flexibility and ensures that you can access our support when you need it.

Project specific – some clients ask us to dedicate a set number of days to a specific time-limited project for instance an event or launch of a new product or service.

Small business support – we offer a flat fee to meet with you and provide advice on your new/proposed business covering your offer, the market, branding, website and social media implications We follow up on the meeting by producing a practical marketing ‘to do’ list. You can then decide how you want to take that forward – either by implementing it yourself, or with full or partial help from us.

If you are looking for a different arrangement, or you are unsure about what you need please contact us. We are very happy to have an obligation free discussion to establish if we can help you and how.